English 12 Torturing Logic

English 12 Torturing Logic - the right decisions and get...

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David Park English 12 Torturing Logic Vocabulary 1. Simultaneously means existing, occurring, or operating at the same time. 2. Notorious has a positive meaning which is publicly or generally known, for a particular trait and it can also have a bad meaning which is widely and unfavorably known. 3. Systematic means given to or using a system or method. 4. Regression has many synonyms such as atavism, backsliding, lapse, and relapse. Responding to Words in Context 1. It is a higher understanding of a something. He used this word because it has impact and it catches the reader’s attention. 2. That they are path in your life that are going to be hard to cross but you just have to make
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Unformatted text preview: the right decisions and get out of them. 3. He uses deploys because it has a stronger effect than just other word. It brings a image of something letting go. 4. Subhuman meaning less than or not quite human. They are different because their different prefix changes the meaning of the word. Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. That it should be only used for the right reason. 2. It depends on the urgency of a situation whether or not to torture a person. 3. He agrees with the Weekly Standard about the use of torture. Disagrees with what Jonah Goldberg posted....
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English 12 Torturing Logic - the right decisions and get...

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