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David Park Kite Runner Chapter 10-14 1. Because of the fact they were not able to trust anyone they had to leave. 2. He got sick during the ride there and was scared that he would embarrass Baba. 3. They settle in Fremont, California. 4. He didn’t want them because he thought they were an insult to his pride. 5. When he says that he wishes that Hassan was there with them. 6. Soraya Taheri is the daughter of a major general Afghanistan. She is referred to the Swap
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Unformatted text preview: Meet Princess because that’s where they meet. 7. I think he just wants to die in peace and doesn’t want anyone to know about his sickness. 8. When Soraya revels her dark past to Amir and says that she doesn’t want any secrets between them. 9. Baba pays for the wedding ceremony. 10. Because the dad thinks she is wasting her talents and wants her to become something bigger than a teacher....
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