English 11 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

English 11 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge - (B His fear...

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David Park English 11 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (508) 1. I was getting really happy and excited because he was able to escape the soldiers but it was all his imagination so that really surprised me. 2. (A) I know that he is about to die and that he was just a regular civilian and he was also a planter. (B) His choices of how he puts his story is very suspenseful basically putting the right before ending in the beginning and then putting the beginning in the middle of the story, and the ending ends with a big surprise very good way of writing the story. 3. A example would be when he says that his gaze wander to the swirling water of the stream racing madly beneath his feet. He is beginning to go in to his state of imagination.
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Unformatted text preview: (B) His fear of dying and the water below him. 4. (A) He is visualizing himself trying to escape. (B) Because he ends up believing that he had escaped but it was just his imagination. 5. (A) He feels a stunning blow on his neck a blinding light and sound of cannon. (B) When he is talking about how the river was basically mesmerizing him. 6. No, I think it wouldnt be possible for him to have escaped like the way he told it. It isnt a movie and in real life he would have died. 7. (A) That the person looks for a way out. (B) Yeah, because in times of war I bet you feel like what he is feeling....
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