English 12 Awash in Euphemisms

English 12 Awash in Euphemisms - word looting It makes it...

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David Park English 12 Awash in Euphemisms (210) Vocabulary 1. The new meaning expressed by the combination of double and speak is evasive, ambiguous language that is tended to deceive or confuse. Another word of for doublespeak would be buzzword which has a really similar meaning to doublespeak. 2. Finding the origin of the word Brownshirt helps to explain the phrase Brownshirt Behavior because the meaning of the word Brownshirt is a Nazi. So Brownshirt Behavior would be like that thing or person acts like a Nazi. Responding to Words in Context 1. Looting sounds like stealing something and has a really bad connotation. Whereas the possibility of appropriation of nonessential items sound really sophisticated and doesn’t seem like a bad thing to do. The police would much rather use that phrase rather than the
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Unformatted text preview: word looting. It makes it sound like just taking your nonessential items whereas looting sounds like intruding and taking all your stuff. 2. They don’t have a good or bad connotation there is a negative effect with a positive outcome and a positive effect with a negative outcome so I would say that they are at a neutral connation. It gives meaning to educationese because it gives it feel and sense of neutralism. Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. It changes this negative thing of torture and turns it into kind of a positive connotation. 2. That people are really narrow minded that live on campus and are obsessed with their computers. 3. The ese gives it like a Asians kind of word and it alters the meaning also. I they refer to a suffix forming adjectival derivatives of place name...
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English 12 Awash in Euphemisms - word looting It makes it...

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