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English 12 Definition of Terms

English 12 Definition of Terms - live for except for an...

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David Park English 12 Definition of Terms (223) Vocabulary 1. The word archaic means primitive, ancient or old. Some antonyms would be modern, current, and new. 2. The meaning of the word Bonhomie frank and simple good-heartedness. The origin of the word Bonhomie comes from the French word bonhomme. The word bon which is good natured and homo which mean a human being. It is derived from these two words. 3. It alters the meaning of the root word by putting a not basically in front of the words. It combines the two words. Responding to Words in Context 1. I think she is implying that she is helpless and is suffering because of the she has the status of an outlaw. 2. In America, kids are always using slang term like what’s up and etc. it was easy to say and basically cool to say so I think she got the appeal from this act of being cool. That she was really powerful and basically untouchable by anyone. 3. She is basically call telling herself that she is a person with no background and nothing to
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Unformatted text preview: live for except for an oddly shaped nose. I get the feeling that she was kind of person who is lonely and she wants attention. Discussing Main Points and Meaning 1. I think he used this term because it relates to his writing and there are a lot of words that the author italicizes and defines. The advantages is that it is very broad so there is a lot of ways to go with it. 2. He really wants to emphasize what kind of person this person really is so the author is using such hard words. Creopan means to creep. That this person is really thinking of herself is really low and doesn’t bother to even make is sound remotely better. 3. The image of the body weighted with a canvas sack full of pellets still appeals him. It is important to this writer because that is what his disease actually feels like....
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English 12 Definition of Terms - live for except for an...

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