English 12 Global Warming

English 12 Global Warming - basically imply the same thing...

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David Park English 12 Global Warming (231) Vocabulary 1. Scour means to remove dirt, grease, etc. Combed means to remove with or as if with a comb. Trawled means to troll. They are related because they are all actions of doing something. 2. The literal meaning of the root word is for this. The general meaning would be concerned with or dealing with a specific subject and they differ because hoc is just one part of the word. 3. The meaning of the word feng shui would be a practice creating a harmonious surrounding. It originated from China. 4. The original English phrase would be it takes two to argue. Which means that you need two people in order to fight over something. Responding to Words in Context 1. The meaning of neutralize is to make something ineffective. 2. That they share wives and treat women basically like objects and the men are always superior. 3. What is already done is done and there is no need to dwell on that. They are similar they
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Unformatted text preview: basically imply the same thing as in no need to have regrets for something you already done. 4. The writer believes it better because it is more poetic than the word “beard”. Discussing Main Points and Meaning 1. These three term differ in the meaning each one has a different meaning. He starts of about just wondering about definitions then he learns definition and he gets addicted and is obsessed over definition. 2. He is learning about these unusual words with their ridiculous definitions and is getting more and more interested in these kinds of words. 3. This alter is because once we borrow something we give it back to the person if we were friends because that would be consider stealing and that alter the American outlook on friendship. 4. That the happy state there in might come to a closing....
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English 12 Global Warming - basically imply the same thing...

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