English 12 Good Grammar Gets Girls

English 12 Good Grammar Gets Girls - computer I am not sure...

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David Park English 12 Good Grammar Gets the Girl (251) Vocabulary 1. The root of reverted is vert. They are related because it is going back to habit. 2. Slew means slay. 3. Stellar means performing really well. Responding to Words in Context 1. Yes there is a pattern to his mistakes every time he is trying to show the reader the right way to use good grammar it is wrong. Zack and Screech statement are always contradicting with each other so they are expressing themselves in different ways. 2. He writes that because to resemble the old times and says that no one writes like that anymore. That if a person can express themselves well usually the English Language it is no problem for them to get a girl friend. Email is different from writing love letters because love letters have feel and your own personal writing in them whereas email is based on the computer and not yourself. 3. An internet Romeo would be someone who can express themselves well through the
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Unformatted text preview: computer. I am not sure if he would make a good role model but I guess if I tired his methods they might or might not work. I am convinced of his rules but I would like to see them done first. Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. It affects me in a big way because I am a guy and I realized that it is a turn off if a guy has bad grammar. I would much rather read these kinds of story rather than visualizing an academic essay on grammar. This was much more related to me and much more fun and interesting. 2. That he is really uneducated and left a bad impression. Yes, I think I would judge someone like that if I was her. I think I would probably make the same assumptions as her. 3. I really don’t know how writing can show someone intimacy but I would say that read this has changed my view. I guess it can make the two people feel close but not really knowing the person can be hard....
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English 12 Good Grammar Gets Girls - computer I am not sure...

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