English 12 My Goldfish Name

English 12 My Goldfish Name - places to what everyone is...

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David Park English 12 My Goldfish Name Is Scaley: There’s Nothing to Correct (259) Vocabulary 1. Inference means that act or process of inferring. The verb form would be inferred. 2. Perspicacious having keen mental perception and understanding. It is derived from perspicacity. 3. Isomorphic different at birth but still looking alike. Responding to Words in Context 1. A mode of discourse are made up of verbal devices and rhetorical devices to make this mode of discourse. The black mode of discourse would be how they are able to express and stand for the African American culture. They are different from standard language because it is backed up by rituals and the rich inheritance of the African background. 2. Neutral means center grounded not in any side. It is taking away the actually visual appearance and having a more of a simple outlook.
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3. Code switching as in like speaking two different languages at two different
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Unformatted text preview: places to what everyone is better to use at that situation. In the middle of the essay you see a lot of code switching. Discussing Main Points and Meaning 1. Linguist say that because they are different types of languages but only one certain type of dialect. If you take example for English that this Language is more powerful than Korean because English is the Language of America and that is the most powerful country. 2. They are concerned about her conference because they don’t know what she might say and they don’t know how she will act. Black English is an explosive issue because some many people are beginning to talk like that. That we are very easy to influence and change. 3. She says that if you take the traditional or usual approach you are basically silencing your children. The way you talk can basically determine the way you actually are....
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English 12 My Goldfish Name - places to what everyone is...

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