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David Park History Chapter 7 Notes Otto Von Bismarck succeeded where others had failed. Came from Prussia’s Junker class made up of conservative landowning nobles. He eventually became a chancellor or the highest official of a monarch. Bismarck was a master of Realpolitik or realistic politics based on the needs of the state. He led purssia into three war. Annexed or took control of. Kaiser or emperor. Reich or empire. Kulturkampf or battle for civilization. Social democratic part which called for parliamentary democracy and laws to improve conditions for the working class. Bismarck feared that socialist would undermine the loyalty of German workers and turn them towards revolution. He then set out to woo workers away from socialism. William II succeed his grandfather as Kaiser, made Bismarck fried. Social welfare; programs to help certain group of people. Ruthless Politician Count Camillo Cavour. Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in Souther Italy. Giuseppe Garibaldi a longtime nationalsit and all of Mazzinni was ready for action. Brought unity. Socialists
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Unformatted text preview: organized strikes while anarchists people who want to abolish all government turned to sabotage and violence. Emigration movement away from their homeland. 18yrd old Francis Joseph inherited the Hapsburg Throne. He wanted total self government. Ferenc Deak a moderate Hungarian leader helped work out a compromise that created a new political power known as the Dual Monarchy of Austria and Hungary. Other European nations looked on the Russian colossus or giant with a mixture of wonder and misgiving. Alexander II came to the throne in 1855 during the Crimean War. Emancipation or freeing of the serf. Elected assemblies called zemstvos were made responsible for matters such as road repair school and agriculture. Officall persecution encouraged pogroms;, or violent mob attack on Jewish People. Refugees or people who flee their homeland to seek safety elsewhere. Duma or elected national legislature. Peter Stolypin a new prime minister appointed by Nicholas....
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