History Chapter 7 - David Park H istory Chapter 7 1. A...

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David Park History Chapter 7 1. Anarchist 2. Duma 3. Kaiser 4. Emancipation 5. Chancellor 6. Pogrom 7. Emigration 8. Realpolitik 9. Social Welfare 10. Bismarck's main goal was to make Prussia dominate in Germany. His peaceful efforts to solve the problem failed, and there was the last way remaining: not by speeches and resolutions, but by blood and iron.
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11. The increased their power by first of all making an economic progress. Germany had iron and coal to make a growth through industrialization. A good group of working people who were smart and disciplined also helped the economy. Also promoting scientific development helped Germany gain power. 12.Mazzini who set up a group to make Italy free and be a republican nation. They try to start a revolution but it was French forces stop him. Although this revolution failed other groups started to try to unite Italy. Nationalist groups began to over throw Austrian Backed rulers. Giuseppe Garibaldi a nationalist was ready to gain freedom. His forces were able to win control of
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History Chapter 7 - David Park H istory Chapter 7 1. A...

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