Literary Anaylsis 2 - to escape. Vocabulary 1. False 2....

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David Park English 11 Literary Analysis 2 Literary Analysis 1. Object Point of View: When he is talking about his ineffable joy, an attitude of matchless grace. The effect is that he is giving a very joyful and happy effect to the readers Limited Point of View: Peyton Farquhar was dead. The effect of this is that it clearly had no emotion it was just words stating something. 2. The effect of the shift is the surprise factor that gets all the readers in awe. 3. (A) When he is talking about trying to escape at the moment he is about to die leave a very chaotic situation. (B) The sharp pain in his wrist that he was trying to free his hands. (C) How one thing at a time is affecting the person. 4. Yeah it was appropriate for the story because it left a chaotic nature of how he was trying
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Unformatted text preview: to escape. Vocabulary 1. False 2. True 3. False Spelling 1. Malign 2. Align 3. Resign Words in Context 1. Etiquette deference appraised, ineffable because these were the last choices. 2. Malign, dictum I choose this because it went with the details. 3. Effaced imperious and summarily they match the description. 4. Oscillation because the back and forward movement may cause a cooling. Grammar 1. Escape; 2. Farquhar; 3. Silent; 4. Water; 5. Roar; 6. Surveyed; One night, I was laying on my bed trying to fall asleep. A thunderous sound; got my attention. I was in a state of fear. I surveyed; the thing around me. Nothing was there so I was able to just try to fall back asleep again. It was a scary moment but I was able to fall asleep....
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Literary Anaylsis 2 - to escape. Vocabulary 1. False 2....

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