English 11 Heading West

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David Park English 11 Heading West (596) 1. No because I wouldn’t want to leave my family behind to become a pioneer I would be way too lonely. 2. (A) They started to sell a lot of their things and had to basically work twice as hard. (B) Yes, they seemed really naive and trusting they just did what sounded best and hoped for the best results. 3. (A) Came with bare feet, a white sack twisted up and thrown over her shoulder, and a
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Unformatted text preview: little amount of food. (B) She suggests that it is not going to be a good one. 4. (A) In this life at the octagon city you have to be really creative and calm. 5. You have to be really determined and have a strong sense of mind and is able to take care of themselves....
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