English 11 Life on the Mississippi

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David Park English 11 Life on the Mississippi (564) 1. It would appeal me because that would be a lot of hard work and I don’t think I would be up for that. 2. (A) It was to become a Steamboatmen. (B) The ambition that these kids had shows the American spirit and how if we thrive for something we are able to reach it. 3. (A) They all get really excited and all stop what they were doing and run to see the steam boat. They are all really fascinated at the steam boat. (B) I think Twain convey that this is like a sense of hope and basically lifts the spirit of the whole town.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. (A) He was treated like a celebrity or a great person. (B) I would describe them as miserable. 5. (A) No, if he didn’t have a riverboat life he would have never been able to give so much detail and imagery. (B) His love for the river made it easier for him to know more about the river and write in such great detail. 6. Yes, that could be a reasonable motivation in life because a person could want to achieve or have glory....
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