English 11 Review and Assess 2

English 11 Review and Assess 2 - Vocabulary 1 B 2 A...

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David Park English 11 Review and Assess 2 Literary Analysis 1. Three detail would be The pines rocked, the storm eddied and whirled about the miserable group and the flames of their altar leaped heavenward as if in token of the vow. 2. (A) At this scene “the sun looking through the white curtained valley.” They were talking about the physical environment. (B) The sun here in California shines hard and it is able to break through the clouds and shows light. 3. He conveys the bad parts and the good parts of California. His words describing the culture are really outstanding and well written. 4. That the local people were mean and if they didn’t get something there way they would just get rid of the person. 5. It wouldn’t have been effective in New England because it would have been total different people with different attitudes.
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary 1. B 2. A Spelling 1. Quarrel 2. Queasy 3. Quest Concept 1. C 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. C 6. B 7. A 8. C Grammar 1. He wasn’t joking, yet she continued. 2. He raced to the gate, for the plane was about to depart. 3. Vitamins can be good supplements, but they are no substitute for a healthy diet. 4. The cat jumped up onto the table, and it spilled the milk. 5. I am very tired, so I will take a nap. Outcast they live in a world where nobody knows who they are, and no one cares for them. Their fate is obvious they are going to live in misery because of the fact that everyone ignores them. They are nobodies in this world. Outcast will always stay as outcast unless they decide to change. They sleep all day, and they never do anything....
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English 11 Review and Assess 2 - Vocabulary 1 B 2 A...

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