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English 11 Review and Assess 3

English 11 Review and Assess 3 - Vocabulary 1 They finally...

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David Park English 11 Review and Assess 3 Literary Analysis 1. “Full of hope, as we leave the smoking embers of camp-fire in this morning.” And “ Dined on the prairie, and gather flowers.” 2. “It begins to rain, rain, rain, like a shower;” and “No escort is seen! No salute is heard! We move slowly and dripping into town just at nightfall” 3. (A) It is a tone of tired and worn out. (B) The way he is talking about all his people dying and him and his people having no clothing or food. 4. When he says, “can anyone imagine our disappointment” it is similar to the tone in the Chief story. 5. One faces a enemy conflict and the other faces the nature and no hospitality conflict. They are similar because they are both effecting these stories in a negative way. 6. There hopes for the future are different because they have different problem but they are similar because they both need to get these problems fixed.
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary 1. They finally land on some kind of terra firma after months at sea in a small crowded ship. 2. That hot-air balloon was about to safely land on the terra firma and right when it did everyone clapped. Spelling 1. Bragged 2. Stopped 3. Flitted Fluency 1. Emigrants 2. Depredations 3. Genial 4. Pervading 5. Profusion 6. Nonplused 7. Terra Firma Grammar 1. Yes 2. Have you been here in West Stockholm, at my brother’s, since Friday Last. 3. He was quick to the hotel- and he found it very much crowded 4. Yes 5. We dined on the prairie and gathered flowers. His incomplete sentences confused me but I was still able to understand what he was trying to saying. It was hard to understand what he was saying and who he was implying them to but after careful analysis I was able to read through it and understand it....
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