English 11 Will Fight No More Forever

English 11 Will Fight No More Forever - attention it would...

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David Park English 11 Will Fight No More Forever (602) 1. Yes, when you feel in your heart that something isn’t right not only just thinking about it but actually feeling something in your heart. 2. They are killed. (B) The chief is left to carry on the fight. (C) I think he directs his part to the chief to show respect and that he is the only one left to carry on. 3. (A) He says that many of his people have died and his heart is sick and sad so therefore he is surrendering. (B) I think it would have actually been less effective if he would to add more detailed explanation because the way he put it was able to get the reader’s
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Unformatted text preview: attention it would have been unnecessary to add more detail. 4. (A) He doesn’t want to fight anymore since the battle is lost he says he will fight no more forever. (B) I think he really cares for his people and is doing what’s best for them. 5. I think the other purpose was to tell the other people that they will fight no longer. 6. Yes, I think it was the right choice because many people are dead they have no food they shouldn’t be fighting in this kind of state so I personal believe surrender was the right choice....
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