English 12 Dream Machine

English 12 Dream Machine - 3 When he says vehicle he is...

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David Park English 12 Dream Machines (278) Vocabulary 1. Automate means to operate or control without continuous input from an operator. Some other words that share the prefix auto are automatic, autobiography, automat, and automotive. 2. Medium is the middle state or condition. Media would be the plural form of medium. 3. Glean means to gather slowly and laboriously. Some synonyms are accumulate, amass, ascertain, and conclude. 4. Lethargy comes from the Latin word lethargia. They are related because they are the opposites of each other. Responding to Words in Context 1. The possibility space is the path the player chooses to go in. He is saying that everyone decides their own paths and that is the possibility that the player might go this way or the other way. 2. Linear storytelling is the narrative that the possibility space surrounds. It different than other linear storytelling because videogame’s relies on the player’s actions.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. When he says vehicle he is saying that it can lead to other things. Main Point and Meaning 1. He is saying that games are not a negative thing that will affect children but a positive thing that will help our children. I think he is trying to persuade the adults. His main audience is the adults and his secondary would be the children. 2. He thinks it will help entertain educate and engage us as individuals. His perspective is different from other individuals because the other would disagree but he goes against them. 3. He supports that because he talks about certain games that allow you to be creative and create your own world. 4. By saying that games are not a bad thing but a helpful thing to us individuals. It relates to what he is saying about video games....
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English 12 Dream Machine - 3 When he says vehicle he is...

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