English 12 Video Games Violence and Our Sons

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David Park English 12 Video Games Violence and Our Sons (285) Vocabulary 1. Rampage is a state of violent anger or agitation. The origin is Scots from the verb "ramp", to rear up on the hind legs in fury like a horse, and "age" which is a Latin suffix following a verb to create a noun. 2. Animated means to be made or equipped to move or give the appearance of moving. They are related because animate is to give life and anima is life. 3. Testifies is when someone declares, professes, or acknowledges openly. Some words that are similar to testify are announce, argue, and affirm. Responding to Words in Context 1. Destruction, fury, and rage. Because it has a really strong meaning to it and its gives off a certain tone. 2. Things that you just natural have is the meaning of God-given mandates are.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Innocent Diversion and Notorious Video Game are both words that gives off and effectiveness in the essay that catches the readers attention. Main Point and Meaning 1. He reconciles laws against violence in video games with free speech by showing the readers that free speech which allows us to say what we want to say and give basically a opportunity to fight laws against violent video games. 2. I agree because I know that parents lived a much longer life than we did and they just want to do whats best for us. 3. It effects the essay by showing the readers that he gave much thought into this and used political and her opinion to make a better essay. He views it as if we are very influential....
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