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English 11 Lucinda Matlock - experience everything there is...

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David Park English 11 Lucinda Matlock (669) 1. My opinion would be that she lived life and experience all there is to experience. Although she lived life I would want to emulate her life, I would rather just live my life and see where that takes me. 2. (A) She experienced life, got married, had kids, lived in a house, took care of the house, and took care of her children. She basically experienced life to the fullest. (B) Just basically that you have to live your life. 3. (A) She was 96 years old. (B) She thinks she lived enough due to the fact that she
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Unformatted text preview: experience everything there is to experience. 4. (A) She address it to the readers. (B) She just wants to tell everyone that you have to live life in order to love your life. 5. (A) She would respond by saying that life is not complex but the people in our society is making it complex live your life and enjoy it before it is gone. (B) Yes, I agree I think that we should just live our life and see what happens....
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