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English 11 Luke Havergal and Richard Cory

English 11 Luke Havergal and Richard Cory - everything 5(A...

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David Park English 11 Luke Havergal and Richard Cory (668) 1. I was very surprised at what he did, he had everything in the world and he just gave it up and killed himself. 2. (A) To listen to what for something. (B) I think the gate symbolizes entering into death. 3. (A) Out of the grave. (B) The speaker’s message is that once he reaches the gates there will basically be judgment. 4. (A) People were unable to treat him normally the treated him with special because of his status. (B) He differs from the other town people because he was rich and he had
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Unformatted text preview: everything. 5. (A) He kills himself. (B) Yes, I think the town people were very surprise by his action. Why would he kill himself he had everything. 6. (A) I think he was miserable because even thought he had everything he wasn’t able to find happiness in the little things, he was treated normally therefore it lead him to be miserable. (B) I think a key to a individual happiness is being in the state of happiness in whatever you do and being treated normally and not an outcast or treated really highly....
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