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David Park English 11 Richard Bone (670) 1. I think he is a very lonely person and need to get out more. The tone of is poem is really gloomy and I think he need to brighten up. 2. (A) He was a chiseler. (B) He learns how near to life he was. (C) His attitude changes he is really kind of clueless coming into his job but knows understand and realizes what he is post to do. His tone goes from high to low.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. (A) He think they are false due to the fact that they come out as good but actually are not. (B) To remember them. 4. He might compare them because as you carve tombstone you learn many things like a historian who is finding new things out. 5. Yeah I think he played a important role because without him there wouldn’t have been any epitaph....
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