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David Park English 11 The Story of an Hour (634) 1. I wasn’t really surprise I knew that was coming; I knew she was going to end up killing herself. 2. (A) With heart troubles. (B) She does only have physical troubles but also mental troubles. 3. (A) She could see new spring life. (B) She felt as if she was getting reborn. 4. (A) She repeats free. (B) She has resented the fact that her husband was cruel to her.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. (A) Joy was what killed her. (B)She was so sad and ended up dying. 6. (A) I think he wants us to basically conclude ourselves. (B) I think it was effective due to the fact I made me think harder about the situation and read over so it got my attention. 7. It would be believable because they are actually people like that in this modern time....
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