English 12 If You Don’t Have an Opinion, Relax

English 12 If You Don’t Have an Opinion, Relax...

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David Park English 12 If You Don’t Have an Opinion, Relax (356) Vocabulary 1. Comes from the Latin word stigmatizāre and the root word would be stigmat. 2. It comes from vile. Some related words would be depreciate, disparage, and calumniate. 3. It comes for the Latin word rhētorica. The root word would be rhe. Responding to Words in Context 1. Meaning that it is not allowed anymore but only done by secret. 2. That these students really step up and try to start a change by stepping up for causes. 3. That if they are going to die if this is not done attitude anything is accomplishable.
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Unformatted text preview: Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. The media is very split in the middle of any subject and makes the audience decide which side they want to be on. Us the people can just sit on the sidelines but we are basically forced to choose a side and the media is affecting the world. 2. That no longer can anyone fence sit they have to pick a side and choose one that they will stick and follow. 3. It impacts them because of the fact that it has a sense that we are in danger and we might have to go to war. Making these moderate individuals not feel safe....
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