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English 12 The Truth about TV News

English 12 The Truth about TV News - 3 It has a more of a...

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David Park English 12 The Truth about TV News (343) Vocabulary 1. Apocalypse is a revelation of prophecy. 2. The Latin meaning of affiliation is adoption. They are related because they both have to do with coming together or associating. 3. Comes from the Latin word monolithus. The root word of monolithic is lithe. 4. Comes from the Latin word pathēticus. The root word of pathetic is path. Responding to Words in Context 1. What he means by this when he is saying it is that we are not developing but under developing. We should be moving forward in obtain new technology and what not but we are not. 2. In a world that is really fed up by the media and is very influential. This world is very cluttered because of the fact that we have so many things go in our lives and we have a lot of things in our mind so therefore we are living in a cluttered world.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. It has a more of a sarcastic tone to it making it the opposite of what the person is really saying. 4. The act of introducing is what induction means. Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. There is a problem with opinion journalism due to the fact that it has opinion and not facts which could lead to false information. 2. They were concerned because due to the fact of showing that these military people died in the war it would make a bad image of the people in the army and convince people not to join. 3. He means that America doesn’t know how to run America and our government has to become stronger. Basically saying we need more educated people to run America or our lives will be at risk....
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