English 12 The Twilight of Objectivity

English 12 The Twilight of Objectivity - Discussing Main...

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David Park English 12 The Twilight of Objectivity (350) Vocabulary 1. The root words are xeno and phobe. 2. Meaning to show your feelings. It is derived from emotion. 3. It comes from the Latin word comm n lis and the root word is commune. ū ā Communication Communicate, and Community. Responding to Words in Context 1. That different companies have different ways of treating their customers. 2. That these CNN anchors are one of a kind they do things that no other programs anchors do. They are special and unique in their own way. 3. That Anderson Cooper has been basically chosen and is treated like a king at CNN. 4. He is saying that he is the person who opposes all the other anchors and does things differently.
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5. That they are just exhausted from overworking and doing all of extra things. They work really hard to get the spot they are in.
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Unformatted text preview: Discussing Main Point and Meaning 1. He thinks these show were hurting America with their occasionally raucous displays of emotional commitment to a political point of view therefore he canceled the show. He felt regret because he thought that objectivity is not a horse to bet the network on. 2. It is basically taking it over and having way more influence than the newspapers and nowadays people are looking at internet to find the new rather than the newspaper so it’s basically running it out of business. 3. The first was meaning more interest in the objectivity and the second means more of a false interest. They are intending to make different meaning but the same outcome. They connect to the main point of the essay due to the fact that they are showing two different types of reporters....
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English 12 The Twilight of Objectivity - Discussing Main...

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