History Chapter 10 - David Park History Chapter 10 1....

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Unformatted text preview: David Park History Chapter 10 1. Matthew Perrys opening of Japan demanded that the Japanese people allow diplomatic and commercial exchange put Japan in social and economic unrest. This eventually led to a revolt and that revolt led to the Meiji Restoration. 2. The first Sino Japanese War and Japan victory showed the world that the Japanese has become a modernized country and the modernization of the country was able to bring an easy victory to Japan. After Japan defeated Russia they were able to get a huge amount of respect and was able to show how strong the Japanese really were. 3. King Mongkut studied the foreign languages and read widely on modern science and mathematics. He was able to use his knowledge to negotiate with the Western powers and by reaching the common ground by making in unequal treaty, Siam was able to escape becoming a European colony. 4. After the British passed the British North America Act of 1867 which created the dominion of Canada. 5. I t affected the Philippines because American battleships were destroying the Spanish fleet, which was stationed in the Philippines which affected the Pilipino people. Pilipino were bitterly disappointed because the fact that they were not able to gain independence, they had a war with America in which hundreds of thousands of Filipinos died. Because of Cubas attempt to win independence from Spain there was a war of the Spaniards and the Americans. 6. Regionalism which means loyalty to a local area which weakened the new Latin American nation because with very few road and no traditions of unity, this affected Latin America. Also, Caudillos assembled private armies to resist the central government which made the Latin Americans fall and have...
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History Chapter 10 - David Park History Chapter 10 1....

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