10 - i. CCA ii. IBT Profit: 1. TR = Price of product X...

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Economics – 10/27/10 Approaches To GDP A. EXP = C + I + G + NX Expenditure = Cost + Investment + Government + Net Exports B. Gross Income 1. Income Items i. land or rent ii. labor iii. capital iv. entreupership v. proprietor’s income 2. Non-income Items
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Unformatted text preview: i. CCA ii. IBT Profit: 1. TR = Price of product X Quantity solds 2. TC = Total Cost 3. Gross Profit = TR -TC 4. Net Profit = Gross Profit - CIT 5. Net Profit = Dividends + Returning earnings 6. DPI = Disposable personal income...
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