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Old Quizzes - Old Quizzes Some of the material on MT1 was...

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Old Quizzes Some of the material on MT1 was covered in terms before Fall 2007 with an early-term 20-minute quiz. Following are copies of questions from a quiz that Professor Olney used for Economics 100B the previous three times she taught the course (Fall 2004, Fall 2003, Spring 2003). Answers to questions with "one right answer" are included. The answers immediately follow the question, in parantheses. If no answer is given, the question is an essay question. QUIZ from Fall 2004 (10 points possible) 1. (2 points) “Following Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne, homeowners in Florida hire workers to clean debris from their property.” Where would this activity be recorded on the expenditure side of GDP accounting? Your choices are C, I, G, GX, IM, and NR (not recorded). Give a brief explanation of your answer. ( Answer: C. This is an expense by households for home maintenance.) 2. (1 point) Within 1 percentage point, what is the current unemployment rate in the United States? Has the unemployment rate increased, decreased, or stayed about the same since 2000? (Answer: Requires knowledge of current events.) 3. (7 points) Suppose the capital-to-labor ratio is 20,000, real GDP per worker is 2,000, the personal saving rate is 20 percent, depreciation rate is 3 percent, labor efficiency is constant, and labor force is growing by 2 percent per year. Show all of your work, simplifying as far as possible without a calculator, or no points. If you don’t attempt any simplifying, you won’t get as many points as someone who does simplify. (A - 2 points) At what rate is the capital-labor ratio growing? (
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This note was uploaded on 02/10/2011 for the course ECON 100B taught by Professor Wood during the Spring '08 term at Berkeley.

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Old Quizzes - Old Quizzes Some of the material on MT1 was...

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