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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics Elisabeth Sadoulet and Andrew Dustan University of California at Berkeley Fall 2010 ENV ECON 118 / IAS 118 – Introductory Applied Econometrics Assignment 2 Due Tuesday September 28, at beginning of class Note: For Exercise 1 you need to submit your log file from your Stata work in addition to your written answers. If you came to one of the Stata tutorials, somewhere on your computer you should have a folder called “EEP 118 [your name]”. (If you didn’t come to the tutorials, then make that folder now.) Inside that folder, make a subfolder called PS2_Mexico. When you download the data from the course website, store it in this folder. You are encouraged to use a .do file to write your code for the exercise (and to include comments in your do file to help you keep track of what your purpose in running each command was – put an “*” in front of the text you don’t want Stata to read). The first thing you should do in your .do file is to change directories into this folder. You will use a command that is something like the following: cd "C:\. ...\EEP_118\PS2_Mexico"; Then turn on a log file: log using PS_2, replace text; Next, display your present working directory: pwd; Now you’re ready to get started with the exercise. Exercise 1. Food and energy expenditures in Mexico, 2006 The data for this exercise come from a nationally representative household survey undertaken in Mexico in 2006 (ENIGH). I have drawn a small sample of households out of the total of 13,686 households in the survey. The ENIGH2006_EEP118.dta file includes the following variables: totexp: Total annual household expenditures (in pesos) foodexp: Annual food expenditures per household (in pesos) energyexp: Annual energy expenditures per household (in pesos)
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HW2-2010 - Department of Agricultural and Resource...

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