Daily Assignment 4 - Mean Std. Dev. Min Max

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EEP 118 / IAS 118 - Practice exercises – Testing for the mean of a population Due Tuesday October 5, 2010, in class 2008 #2. (5 points) In 2004, Florida voted 47.1% for the democratic candidate to the presidency. A poll of 765 likely voters conducted this week shows that 51% of them favor the democratic candidate. Is there evidence that the current support for the democratic candidate among Florida voters is higher than 4 years ago, at the 5% significance level? 2007 #4. (5 points) Using the Kenyan Demographic and Health Survey 2003, we found the following mean and standard deviation for the education of women raised rural and in urban areas respectively: Variable | Obs
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Unformatted text preview: Mean Std. Dev. Min Max --------------+----------------------------------------------------- Raised in rural areas education | 727 6.690509 4.152626 0 20 Raised in urban areas education | 236 8.411017 4.608563 0 20 Do the data given in the previous table provide statistical evidence at the 1% significance level that the average education of the women raised in urban areas is higher than the average education of the women raised in rural areas? (To answer this question, call D the difference in mean education of the two groups; suggest an estimator D for D and for the standard error of D ; and then use the 4 steps for hypothesis testing that we followed in class.)...
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