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Physics 14 - Midterm #1 - Fall 2008 t SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND REASONING 1. (a) (2 pts) Which has the longest and which has the shortest wavelength out of the following electromagnetic waves: yellow light, gamma rays and microwaves? (b) (1 pt) Which light travels fastest in water, green light or red light? (c) (2 pts) The planet Venus has a very thick atmosphere. What color would you expect the Sun to look from Venus’ surface? Explain. 2. (3 pts) If magenta light is shone onto a yellow piece of paper, what color does the paper appear to be? 3. (2 pts) You buy a blue shirt inside a store. When you get outside in the sunlight it looks magenta in color. Why might this happen? 4. (1 pt) Is a compound always a molecule? Explain. 5. (1 pt) Can an element be a compound? Explain. Longest: Shortest: Fastest in water:
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- Midterm #1 - Fall 2008 t   6. (4 pts) Show where you would see an image of the arrow form for the following situation. Describe the image. 7. (4 pts) Show how the light ray passes from air through the glass and back into air. (Assume no total internal reflection occurs.) 8. (4 pts) You start from rest and start running to the right with increasing speed. (a) Draw a motion diagram for yourself.
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p14mt1t - Physics 14 - Midterm #1 - Fall 2008t SHOW ALL...

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