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Physics 14 - Quiz 2 - Winter 2009 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND REASONING 1. List the following types of electromagnetic radiation from LOWEST to HIGHEST frequency : infrared, x-rays, yellow light Lowest frequency: middle frequency: highest frequency: 2. You are standing on the Moon. What color is the sky when the Sun is visible? Explain? 3. A piece of paper is yellow when seen under white light. If green light is shone onto it,
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Unformatted text preview: what color does the paper appear to be? 4. You are wearing a magenta shirt and blue pants. You enter a room where cyan light shines on you. What colors do your clothes appear to be now.? 5. What are two reasons we dont have to worry too much about x-rays from the Sun hurting us when we go to the beach? 6. Why can we hear AM stations from cities far away, but not FM stations? Pants: Shirt: 1. 2....
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