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p14qz5 - parachute is told to bend their knees and roll...

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Physics 14 - Quiz 5 - Winter 2009 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND REASONING 1a. (1 pt) A space ship moving to the right in space at 100 m/s explodes into two equal mass pieces. After the explosion, one piece is seen to be moving back to the left at 100 m/s. Draw a picture just before and just after the explosion, accurately showing the velocities of the pieces. 1b. (1 pt) Which piece felt more force during the explosion? Explain. 1c. (2 pts) Which piece has the greatest momentum after the explosion? Explain. 2. (1 pt) Explain (using physics terms) why a person who jumps from a plane (with a
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Unformatted text preview: parachute) is told to bend their knees and roll when they hit the ground. 3. (2 pts) Two carts collide and bounce, as shown below. The momentum arrows are shown. Explain which of the sets of momentum arrows shown below (A, B, C) could NOT occur after the collision. (1 or more answers) 4. (3 pts) Two carts collide and bounce, as shown below. Calculate the final speed of the 1 kg mass, given the speeds and direction of movement below. Write on back if needed. v 2i = 1 m/s V 1f = ? BEFORE AFTER m 3m m 3m A B C 1 kg 6 kg v 1i = 4 m/s v 2f = 2 m/s 6 kg 1 kg...
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