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Ph sics 14 - Quiz 2 - Fall 200St SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND REASONING 1. List the following types of electromagnetic radiation from LONGEST to SHORTEST wavelength: infrared, x-rays, yellow light longestwavelength: I~ ~r~ middle wavelength: ~.tJte-W shortest wavelength: ~ _ "'0Jj"' 2. Water absorbs red light and does not let it pass through. Imagine the Sun's white light shining down into the ocean. Imagine you are deep underwater and look up. Explain what color the sunlight appears to be. R (9 )f"'-r.J CyA-f'J . ~ 3. You are wearing a red shirt and yellow pants. You enter a room where magenta light shines on you. What colors do your clothes appear to be now.?
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Unformatted text preview: --. .... Pants: 4. A piece of paper is cyan when seen under white light. If red light is shone onto it, what color does the paper appear to be? ~~~ ~O to\.-C~~-t~cts Iol<t~~ p 5. Which part(s) of the electromagnetic spectrum does the Sun emit?-6. What does the "Radio Window" refer to? \k \tv-oh. .o \N~~ U 4-~-ra, 't r(~ tkl 'ffArJ.N;, \J~ ~ C~ f>~~~ t'vw-bV~ h i4 t:~ ';-~Sf~ " 7. Your favorite radio station is KPFK 90.7 6t1. Can you listen to it if you are traveling to the Moon on a space ship?--....
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