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RADIOACTIVITY QUESTIONS - Why are gamma rays not deflected...

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NUCLEUS & RADIOACTIVITY QUESTIONS 1. Why is the mass of an atom practically equal to the mass of its nucleus? 2. What are quarks? 3. Name three different leptons. 4. Why do protons in a very large nucleus have a greater change of flying apart? 5. When thorium (atomic number 90) decays by emitting an alpha particle, what is the atomic number of the resulting nucleus? 6. What change in atomic number occurs when a nucleus emits an alpha particle? A beta particle? A gamma ray? 7. What is the long-range fate of all the uranium that exists in the world? 8. Why is the quantity of C-14 in new bones greater than in old bones of the same mass? 9. Where does most of the radiation you encounter originate? 10. X-rays are most similar to which of the following – alpha, beta or gamma rays? 11. Gamma radiation is fundamentally different from alpha and beta radiation. What is this basic difference? 12. Why are alpha and beta rays deflected in opposite directions in a magnetic field?
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Unformatted text preview: Why are gamma rays not deflected? 13. The alpha particle has twice the electric charge of the beta particle but, for the same kinetic energy, deflects less than the beta in a magnetic field. Why is this so? 14. Which type of radiation – alpha, beta, or gamma – produces the least change in mass number? In atomic number? 15. Just after an alpha particle leaves the nucleus, would you expect it to speed up? Defend your answer. 16. Can it be truthfully said that, whenever a nucleus emits an alpha or beta particle, it necessarily becomes the nucleus of another element? 17. When food is irradiated with gamma rays from a cobalt-60 source, does the food become radioactive? Defend your answer. 18. The age of the Dead Sea Scrolls was found by carbon dating. Could this technique apply if they were carved in stone tablets? Explain....
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