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7.8 +7.7 - ffi'cfw_ou 9 j!9| 1r ho S ^!a d col'r*e,n c'7 a...

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ffi j!π}9| 1r *'{ou ho*'}, S ₠€Υι +!-ιz^- +1^o veλJ'ηεx/ -"::;ru μa φr, .a;η5ο,} '** } , ^γ!a**λ dι& col.'r*e,n cι'7 ?' }, q, a va',r'fup o-lγ ιk' ι,ρι,ι} ^0ν u uun^Ι) v! { ι 1$*ι v;-Q-^' e- ι9 ;ω"*f "Ju' .J,#"μ, ιΥ cn.J,'r, \^l?*J_Y ,-tl-':'}"η * {.t* nr*t' oγeιrΑ"1 'o l4J o'JL c*"ea Se- μν'Q- 5 aι'^-{"- uλuθ *a' *'Jo1 ;: ':',::# :*. :::-1, 'i!r', ,Υ"T ο\n rg^. γ ,Φ'*. λ'1 ι1^ e o.λ
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