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AOTD Ch1-2 - Burns1 Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas AOTD...

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Burns 1 Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas Chapter 1 Questions 1. The chapter title “The Medium Is the Metaphor” describes how news and ideas today are relayed to the public. The media is the symbol or metaphor of today’s culture. Postman defines culture as “a conversation of a variety of symbolic messages” (6) and that its contents are metaphors. The message our culture sends is all about efficiency, speed, and mind-numbing amusement. We thrive on entertainment and are greatly amused by our media. The members of the media are focused on appearance and entertainment value. Our media is the metaphor for our culture and therefore defines it. 2. Postman believes entertainment value is highly prized in our culture. He thinks the media has caused the erosion of most forms of public discourse into acts of show business. Everything is about appearance. Political battles cannot typically be won by an ugly or overweight person. No one wants to watch someone on television with no makeup on looking like the rest of us. Products do not sell unless their packaging, advertisements, and spokespeople are attractive physically to consumers. Our culture values outward appearances almost more than what is being politicked, reported, or sold to them.
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Burns 2 3. Postman thinks his thesis and arguments give the reader a clearer grasp on the age of show business and what it is doing to all forms of public discourse than many that have previously
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AOTD Ch1-2 - Burns1 Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas AOTD...

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