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Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas Brave New World Questions 1. Mustapha Mond, the Controller, believes the key to being stable is to not feel anything strongly. The stresses of the world before Ford only had one outlet. These “pre-modern” people did not know how to take any stress or strain their loved ones and lives put on them. In the “modern” world, everyone can just take a soma and forget about their troubles rather than facing them. Mond believes that in order for their world to be stable, feelings must be kept to a minimum. 2. When Huxley splits the conversations up between one another, this split leads the readers to compare the characters’ ideas and conversations. This split screen comparison helps the reader make symbolic connections and to gain a lot knowledge about the story in little time. The conversation between Mustapha Mond and the students shows the reader the process by which people are genetically engineered to behave in a certain way. The theme throughout their conversation is about what keeps their world stable. Everything in this conversation is scientific and does not explain the exact mindset of the individuals in the population. The conversation between Lenina and Fanny discusses their sex lives and the social atmosphere of their world. This conversation is a physical example of what Mond is telling his students. The science of genetic engineering is no longer an abstract idea for the readers. The
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conversation between Bernard Marx and Henry Foster shows the effects of defying the social norms of this new world. Marx will not take soma to forget about his stresses and hassles like the
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BNW Essay Questions - Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas...

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