Exercise 6a

Exercise 6a - 11. Appeal to pity 12. Hasty generalization...

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Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas Exercise 6a-Fallacies 1. Beginning the question/false dilemma 2. Slippery slope/appeal to authority 3. False dilemma 4. Personal attack 5. Hasty Generalization 6. False analogy 7. Question begging epithet 8. Personal attack 9. Poisoning the well 10. Equivocation
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Unformatted text preview: 11. Appeal to pity 12. Hasty generalization 13. Personal attack (tu quoque) 14. False dilemma/double standards 15. Slippery slope 16. False cause 17. Appeal to authority (snob appeal) 18. Red herring 19. False dilemma 20. Poisoning the well...
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