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First Assignment

First Assignment - someone can write accurately it is a...

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Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas With every acronym like “LOL” or commonly used word such as “ain’t,” the written English language loses credibility. The shortening of common words and phrases down to a few letters lowers each person’s brain capacity used when in personal thought or when thinking of what to say in conversation. The internet has sped up this process exponentionally. With the advent of the internet and frequency of constant communication, people must shorten their words to increase productivity and to compete in this ever-changing world. This undermines how eloquent the spoken English language has previously and still has the potential to be. Not everyone has the gift of writing persuasively. However, everyone can write accurately. In this highly competitive world, every skill acquirable is needed to succeed. If
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Unformatted text preview: someone can write accurately, it is a good strength to learn—a plus if one can write convincingly. Writing persuasively is an important talent to have because it shows your thought process as well. If someone cannot be influential in their writing, how can they possibly have a decent argument in everyday life? Writing should be a continuation of your own thoughts. If someone cannot convince themselves of something, how can they be expected to in the work place? Presenting both sides of an issue or proving one’s idea is a part of daily conversations. Some people are not gifted at persuasion and struggle. Writing persuasively is an art, but writing accurately is an acquired skill....
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