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Writing Assignment 1, pg. 15

Writing Assignment 1, pg. 15 - Burns1 Amelia Burns English...

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Burns 1 Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas Writing Assignment 1, pg. 15-Letter 1 Letter to Expert at Center for Education Reform Ms. Consoletti, I am extremely passionate about public education reform. From elementary levels all the way to secondary schools need some kind of change. Many do not notice the cracks if they are lucky enough to attend a quality public school or do not see them because they ignore what does not affect them. This past year I volunteered with Baton Rouge's Volunteers in Public Schools program EveryBody Reads. I tutored a child in first grade at Park Elementary. This school is one that will soon be taken over by the state of Louisiana because of its inadequacies in education. The child I helped weekly could barely sound out "cat," let alone recognize simple sight words like “the” at the age of 8 years old. It opened my eyes to the problems with the Baton Rouge public school system and all of its faults. This experience solidified my interest in education reform on all levels. I grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana. My school district is known to have a decent school system. However, there I was lucky enough to have attended an excellent private school until 8th grade. I did not have much interaction with public schools. Because of this, I never noticed any problems with education and people’s lack thereof. Once in a public high school however, I realized how many people I met with a substandard education. Their school system had failed
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