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Title 4/30/2010 Amelia Burns (aburn22) Section 16 Introduction There has been increased speculation by the World Health Organization that a nation’s wealth affects their citizens’ life expectancies. A country’s wealth is measured by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP)—which is the measure of its overall economic output. They have asked me to figure out the correlation between a male and female’s life expectancy and their country’s wealth. To test this theory, I randomly selected 36 countries from a list of 179 nations monitored by the International Monetary Fund. I then separated them into three groups depending on their economic wealth: Rich, Average, and Poor. The World Health Organization has recorded the
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Unformatted text preview: Healthy Average Life Expectancy (HALE) of males and females in these countries from 2006. My question for this experiment is: Does a countrys Gross Domestic Project affect their male and female citizens life expectancy? My null hypothesis is that female and male life expectancy is not affected by a countrys GDP. My alternative hypothesis is that the higher a countrys GDP, the longer its average female and male citizens will live. Data In the majority of countries being compared in our data set, females on average outlived the males. Graphical Analysis Numerical Analysis Method I used...
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