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Oceanography 2009 Journal1 - Oceanography 2009 Journal...

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Oceanography 2009 Journal, Section 001 Amelia Burns Week of 9/14/09 This week we got put into our groups for the service-learning projects. Cassidy, Chase, Havalend, and Alex are in a group with me. We have a couple of ideas to work with like recycling and the trash dump in the Pacific Ocean. I suggested that idea about the trash dump after reading an article about it on the website Planet Diary. The website has daily happenings around the world that involve biological and environmental discoveries in a format that students and teachers can utilize. It called attention to the situation going on out in the Pacific and showed different ways to help. It also showed how a student could help out. The main thing the article focused on was prevention. When Havalend, Alex, and I met before class one day we decided doing some kind of project about the Pacific Trash Vortex would be a good idea for Ocean Commotion. We thought of a few ways to demonstrate to the students how trash gets stuck in the ocean. We decided that I was going to try putting a pool of water with fans around it to create a whirl pool. Well, needless to say, that failed. Water sprayed everywhere and covered my kitchen in water and “debris.” Wasn’t the best idea logistically! After this trial, I let the rest of the group members know about my experience so we could regroup and figure out an alternative. It took forever to clean up the little pieces of trash I thought would show the vortex and that would not work in the PMAC for Ocean Commotion. The rest of our week was spent preparing for the University of Lafayette game! Week of 9/21/09
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This week we did not really get much done. We emailed back and forth about possible ideas. Cassidy came up with an idea about making a video. She said we could use some kind of stop motion video. She thought we just needed to get a small model together or figure out a small set up that would be good for taking small pictures of. We also discussed through email how maybe a coke bottle display would be better than an actual water whirlpool. I think kids would really like making two-liter coke bottles into a tornado/vortex. I remember doing that in fifth grade. It was to show us how water created a whirlpool and pulled objects down into the “cone.” We assembled them ourselves and were able to put small objects of our choice into the water. We dyed them whatever color we wanted as well. Of all our class projects, this one sticks out in my mind. The other members of my group felt the same way and remembered doing a similar project in elementary school. Because of this, we decided that maybe coke bottle whirlpools would be the best idea for our presentation. They are easy to make in a classroom setting and are easy for kids to understand the principles. Our only
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Oceanography 2009 Journal1 - Oceanography 2009 Journal...

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