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Unformatted text preview: O CS 2009 Activity: The Effects of Being T rashy Lesson Objective: S tudents or instructor will construct a model showing the power of and need for recycling. Grade Level: Grades 1-8, group activity or make one yourself for use as a demonstration tool M aterials: • P rocedure: 1. Assessment: Have students make pledges to t ry to change their family and their own recycling habits. Notes: • LA Science F rameworks: SE-E-A3 identifying ways in which humans have altered their environment, both in positive and negative ways, either for themselves or for other living things; SE-M-A1 demonstrating knowledge that an ecosystem includes living and nonliving factors and that humans are an integral part of ecosystems; SE-M-A4 understanding that human actions can create r isks and consequences in the environment; ESS-M-A10 explaining (illustrating) how water circulates -- on and through the crust, in the oceans, and in the atmosphere -- in the water cycle ...
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