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$TRANSCRIPTION TITLE: GHETTO LOS ANGELES $RECORDING TIME, DATE, & LOCATION: 1/27/07, around 8 pm, at Rachel’s house. $SETTING: At Rachel’s house in her room. Informal conversation. Debbie is visiting from L.A. Debbie and Rachel are close friends. Rachel and Cathy are sisters. $SPEAKER 1: Cathy: female, 17, student $SPEAKER 2: Debbie: female, 18, student $SPEAKER 3: Rachel: female, 18, student ((CATHY IS SUGGESTING THAT SHE AND RACHEL SHOULD GO TO LOS ANGELES. THEY ALL START DISCUSSING THE “GHETTO” CONDITION OF LOS ANGELES.)) CATHY: we should go shopping and stuff in L.A. DEBBIE: tomorrow? but, if we go shopping we should go in the daytime, ’cause once it gets dark, you don’t wanna be out there CATHY: wai- I thought crime has gotten down in L.A. RACHEL: huh CATHY: @@@ RACHEL: @@ CATHY: cri[me, RACHEL: [@@@ CATHY: gone down Seriously, th- the worst probably part probably in L.A. [probably RACHEL: [Ten<XXX> oh, yeah we know statistics, you know they can manipulate it, to make it sound like whatever- DEBBIE: -did you know tha- CATHY:
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course LING 115g taught by Professor Silva-corvalan during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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