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ME 481 – Spring 2011 - HW02 Name ________________________ 1) Download http://www.mne.psu.edu/sommer/me481/hw02.doc 2) Obtain a digital image of a planar linkage mechanism, and paste it into this MS-Word document. You may take a digital photo, scan a hardcopy photograph or drawing, or obtain an on-line image. 3) Use the MS-Word drawing toolbar or other drawing tools to draw the basic kinematic diagram for your mechanism. Insert that drawing into this MS-Word file.
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Unformatted text preview: Clearly label the links and joints. Number the links using 1 for the ground link, and letter the joints A, B, C, etc. 4) Identify the number of links (nL), 1 DOF joints (nJ 1 ), 2 DOF joints (nJ 2 ) and mobility (M). nL __________ nJ 1 __________ nJ 2 __________ M __________ 5) Diagram the topology of your mechanism. 6) Submit PDF copy by Email. EXTRA CREDIT Provide a drawing of the Peaucellier mechanism and analyze its mobility....
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