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ME 410-2 Name:_______________________________ Homework #3 (due September 13, 2010) Homework Format 1. Use this page as a cover sheet. 2. One problem per page. 3. Always state what is given, your assumptions, provide a sketch, and analysis. Circle your answer. Include units. 4. Write legibly. 5. No late homework accepted. 6. Work independently. 7. Use paper with four straight edges. 8. Staple together your work. 1. An amount of fine coal powder ( k = 0.2 W/m K) has been stockpiled as the 2-m-deep layer shown in the figure. Due to a reaction between coal particles and atmospheric gases, the layer generates heat volumetrically at the uniform rate ′′′ q = 20 W/m 3 . The coal temperature has reached a steady state. The ambient air temperature is T = 25ºC, and the heat transfer coefficient at the upper surface of the coal stockpile is h = 5 W/m 2 K. Calculate the temperature of the upper surface, T w , and at the insulated surface, T ins . 2.
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