hw-if-solns - at cutoff g 70 you get one g 1 h g 45 g is at...

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Solutions to Selection Practice Problems These are the answers to this practice sheet . Problem 1 a. true b. false c. false [really a syntax error] d. true e. true f. true g. true [assignment is always true, but it's not what we intend] h. true Problem 2 a. add record b. delete record c. [no output] d. dubious failing e. dubious f. dubious g. g: 45
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Unformatted text preview: at cutoff g: 70 you get one g: 1 h. g: 45 g is at least 70 g: 45 i: g: 45 at cutoff g: 45 Problem 3 a. 38 b. 40 c. 43 d. 45.25 Problem 4 if(option == 1) { cout << "YOUR NAME GOES HERE"; } else if option == 0) { cout << "Penn State"; } Problem 5 a. true b. false c. true d. false e. true f. false...
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