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Lab 1: Input/Output of a Birthday Last Modified 12/17/2008 Key Concepts: Declaration of variables, input/output Create a new program and call it yourPSUID- lab01.cpp , following the following specifications: Declare three variables to hold the components of a date: month day year Prompt the user to input his/her birthday, one part at a time. Give clear prompts. Then output the person's birthday in a m/d/yyyy type format. Sample Interaction Here's what your program should look like when it runs. (What the user types is in orange on this web page.) Enter the number of the month you were born: 11 Enter the day of the month you were born: 9 Enter the year you were born (using all four digits): 2006 The birthday you entered: 11/9/2006
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Unformatted text preview: Completing Your Assignment Compile and run your program. When your program runs successfully, call the instructor or TA over to verify it working. Then open a copy of the Lab Report Template. Copy your code and one sample run. Delete the section for output files. Write a few sentences in the Discussion section, being sure to answer these questions in the discussion: 1. What does endl mean? (If you haven't figured it out, try compiling the program with/without it and see what happens. ..) 2. What errors did you encounter in writing this program? How did you correct them? Print out your lab report when you're done, write your name on it, and turn it in....
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