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Lab 15: Strength of Materials Bolt Expansion Study Key Concepts: review of methods and documentation, file output, teamwork and communication, using applications together This lab will be quite different from any other lab you have done or will do in that it will be done in teams of three. We will see abstraction truly come into play in this lab, as two of three members of the team will write function documentation and use it to communicate with the other team members, who will depend upon it to do their tasks. You may choose your own teams, but teams must be composed of students in the same section and each team must contain one student who is currently taking or has taken E MCH 213 (Strength of Materials) or who has taken E MCH 210. You will all be working to solve the problem specified here: The bolt of cross-sectional area A 0 is placed inside a tube made of a different material but also of cross-sectional area A 0 . The assembly is completed by making the nut "finger-tight." The dimensions of the reduced segment of the bolt (length b and cross-sectional area A ) are designed so that the segment will yield when the temperature of the assembly is increased by 200°F. Using your knowledge of solving statically indeterminate problems, determine the equation that would be used in a computer program to calculate the ratio A / A 0 for a range of values for the ratio b/L . Assume that the bolt and tube are made of different materials and that the values of elastic modulus, thermal expansion coefficient, and yield strength are given. For your calculations, let L = 1 in. The three components of the lab, which will be completed by individual teams members, are: 1. Function that takes in several material properties and computes a ratio of A / A 0 for a certain value of b , derived from knowledge in E MCH 213. (This function is to be done by the E MCH 213 member of
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lab15-strength - Lab 15 Strength of Materials Bolt...

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